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How to Unblock RaiPlay in the US

Want to unblock RaiPlay in the US? RaiPlay allows you to watch some of the best Italian shows, movies, and yes, even some sports (although sport isn’t as common in 2020 for obvious reasons) completely free, provided you are registered. With just one catch. That you can’t watch RaiPlay outside of Italy.  And that’s why you are sear..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2020

Do you want to watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2020? Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you are just 5 minutes away from the UK, and in Ireland or whether you are in the US. BBC iPlayer without the method we will share in this guide doesn’t work outside of the UK, worldwide. That means that as it is, no Peaky Blinders for you. In this ..

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What is a VPN for - The Real Reason People Use VPN Services

Wondering what is a VPN for? Most guides on the topic of what a VPN is for, fail to address the actual real reasons why most people use VPN services.  In this guide, we are clearing it up. How Does a VPN work To know what a VPN is for, you first need to know what it does. Right now, as you are using your device, you have an IP addr..

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Best Free Streaming Services for TV Shows and Movies That are Worth Watching

Do you want to access the best free streaming services in 2020? These streaming services will provide some of the best shows and movies out there. Three’s just one catch. All of these services are great, but none of them are available everywhere around the world. With that said, there is a simple way to also unblock them, which we’ll also share..

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How to Unblock ITV Hub in the US in 4-Steps

Want to unblock ITV Hub in the US? Without applying what we will share in this guide, you can currently only watch ITV Hub when in the UK or as of recent, in most other EU countries. This is where this alternative method to unblocking ITV Hub in the US comes in. And the best thing about it is that it will also help you unblock BBC iPlayer in the..

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How to Unblock Hotstar in the United Arab Emirates

Want to unblock Hotstar in the United Arab Emirates? While you won’t be told that you can’t watch Hotstar for the same reasons as in Europe and will be originally let in, if you try to play a video in Hotstar, it won’t work. ...Well, not until you apply these steps to unblock Hotstar. But first, let’s talk about why you need to search..

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How to Unblock BBC iPlayer in China in 2020

Want to watch BBC iPlayer in China in 2020? BBC iPlayer is not even available in Ireland, which is a few minutes from the UK. That doesn’t mean that you can’t watch it there nor that you can’t watch BBC iPlayer in China. You can. Except, it’s slightly harder in China. Firstly let’s talk about why you can’t currently watch BBC iPl..

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How to Get Hulu in the UK in 2020 & Why Is Hulu Still Not Available in the UK

You probably saw the news on the internet saying Hulu might be coming to the UK very soon. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get Hulu in the UK in 2020 because Hulu is not going to be available in the UK in 2020. What you saw are clickbait titles trying to create a story that isn’t there. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to..

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How to Watch Disney Plus in China in 2020

Unblocking content in China differs from unblocking content in places like Europe or the US. Apart from having to deal with the blocks of platforms like Disney Plus, you also need to deal with the ban of the services that unblock Disney Plus in China by the government of China.  In this guide, we go over the 3 essential steps you need t..

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How to Create a Disney Plus Account in Europe (It's Not Enough to Use a VPN)

All guides on how to set up a Disney Plus account in Europe will tell you that you need a VPN. That’s correct, but you also need to create a Disney Plus account which requires the right payment method that will work with Disney Plus. That’s something that just about no guides mentions, and without the creation of a Disney Plus account, well&hel..

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